Manicures & Pedicures



These days manicures are an all year round treatment, not just for the holiday season, after all our hands are always on show and out and take a lot of bashing in our every day life. A manicure isn’t all about the polish you choose (although we all know it’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.) Our nails and hands need to be looked after too and who doesn’t love a nice relaxing hand massage?

If you opt for a colour we use gel polish so there is no downtime and your nails will be bone dry when you leave.

Signature Manicure £30

Hand bath of petals . hydrating soak . shape . full cuticle care . collagen gloves . mini massage . paint .

Add gel nail polish to manicure . paint . oil £15


A pedicure isn’t all about the pretty colour on your toes . Athough it is beautiful to the eye, its not necessary at all.

Our feet take on a lot in our day to day life. Whether Its walking the kids to school, our daily commute, gym, or just the hustle and bustle of every day life. A pedicure is a super way to give your feet some TLC they really need. Kick back and relax.

Signature Pedicure £35

Foot bath of petals . hydrating soak . shape . cuticle care . exfoliating scrub . massage . skin mask treatment  .

Add callus peel to signature pedicure  £15

Add gel nail polish to pedicure .  paint . oil  £15

Callus peel treatment £20

Are you been dreading summer because you need to get the flip flops and sandals out but your feet are suffering from hard skin?

Then look no further… Simple and a pain free way of getting rid of that dry skin on your feet. Calluses form when your skin dries out, day to day activities, feet cooped up in shoes; all these things can dry your feet out.

What’s involved?


As mentioned above, its a simple, pain free treatment that many compare to peeling an orange, satisfying and effective right?

So, in a nut shell; The skin is softened, a scraper is used to gently peel off the callus (nowhere near as painful as it may sound, in fact quite satisfying) followed by a buff of the freshly healthy skin found underneath before moisturising it with hydrating cream. Now you’re good to go.