Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy Massages by Specially Trained Therapists

From 14 weeks, second trimester.


Our Pregnant Mums Massages are carefully designed to pamper, care and nurture you during this special and exciting time in your life.

Massage has many benefits to help you to adjust physically – as well as emotionally – to the changes that you and your body will go through during this time. At all times during the massage your comfort and safety come first.

Our specially trained Pregnancy Massage Therapists know exactly how to work your sore and tired muscles whilst you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. During the treatment you will lie on your side and/or sit in a semi-reclined position fully supported by comfy body pillows and bolsters and big soft warm towels for complete support and to make the massage experience as tranquil, relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Please note that these pregnancy massages are intended to support and enhance but not to replace the essential antenatal care provided by your GP, midwife or obstetrician.


Pregnancy Massage Options:

60 minute massage including back, legs, feet, arms hands, chest and scalp. £72

30 minute back, neck & shoulders massage £55


If you would like more information on our popular and effective pregnancy massage treatments please call us on 0117 986 0181 or use our contact form.

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